Mission Statement

Masonic Ambassadors of Massachusetts

“A foundation stone upon which to build Freemasonry’s future.”


Develop a cadre of Masons to advance a message on Freemasonry that is consistent, informed and positive to Masons, their families and the public
Rebuild and activate lodge membership
Strengthen our Lodges

Primary Responsibilities

Develop public spokesmen
Regularly in lodge meeting to members

Actively seek opportunities to speak with non-Masons
Regularly in lodge meeting to members
At mens clubs, service/business groups, colleges

Membership committee chairman
Advance community awareness of Freemasonry to
Improve public perception and understanding of Freemasonry
Recruit new members
Remember, Massachusetts Masons may ask good men to join the Fraternity

Personal Mentor of new Masons
Not ritual and symbolism, but the scope and greatness of the Masonic family of organizations world wide
Applications of Freemasonry to his daily life
Opportunity to make many new friends
Opportunities for personal growth and involvement in lodge and the fraternity